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What am I all about?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

So, who is the girl behind The Body Objective...

Ahhh, well that is such a great question, something that I am probably still trying to figure out (cause really who has all their sh*t together all the time, especially when it comes to life)!

I started this studio out of love. Love for myself, my wellbeing and love for my life. I wanted more than my 9-5 job (as great as it was) it didn't really give me any love. I was great at my job, but I felt zero love for it, and you will soon come to realise I harp on A LOT about loving what you do. You really only get one chance at life, so why do a half assed performance?

So, because of my lack luster job love, I took the plunge, and opened my little studio just over 2 years ago. It has by far been the best decision I have ever made. I do not look back, EVER. And each day I wake up, loving what I do, knowing that I call all the shots and live my life in a wonderful balance. Please note - I am not saying that running a business, managing 3 children under 7, a household and a side hustle isn't hard work (but gotta love what you do right?) I will be touching base on this as we go along.

But for the moment, I just want you to take a moment to sit with one thought.


Do you love what you do? Do you do it for love (of yourself, your life, your wellbeing)?

And how do you bring about love into your life.

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